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Our wee team are an awesome bunch if we do say so ourselves. We have gathered (and continue to gather) the very best coaches from across Scotland who are all driven by the same mission: to make mental health a positive and empowering experience for everyone.  

HeadStrong’s specialist team have dedicated years to studying mental health and personal development which has made them all experts at helping people have hugely positive experiences of change, transformation, and learning.

Brian - Company Director


Brian Costello

Super Power:

Finding the end of tunnels and turning the lights back on

Go-to Spotify Playlist:


Official Hair Colour:

Strawberry Blonde

Favourite Film:

Inside Out or Rogue One

When I started HeadStrong in 2007, I wanted to help people. I knew what it felt like to drift aimlessly in life and allow all my fears to be in charge of what I did. I wanted to stop people being like that. I especially wanted to stop young people, teenagers and children feeling like that because I recognised that’s where my life went a little ‘off course’. Now, HeadStrong has helped thousands of people change and that really does blow my mind a little bit!

Coaching and helping people release themselves from their story is a huge passion and now I am fortunate enough to speak to large audiences in schools, conferences, and events helping people realise that it simply doesn’t have to be the way it is. Change is a good thing.

Away from all this I love going to the football (I’ll leave my team a secret until we meet), I love spending time with my family and I love going to the pictures. For the sake of my wife, can I point out those three things are not in any specific order!

I know I speak for the whole team when I say that we look forward to helping you in any way we can and the only way you can do that is if you get in touch. So don’t be shy, send us an email and let us help. Hope is here.

What Do People Say?

I've no words to express how grateful I am. I have my family back. I can't believe that we've got here so quickly and so painlessly. As you know, Robbie was really worried about coming along at first and then, after the first session, all he kept asking was, "When are we seeing Brian again?". I don't know how you do what you do, but please keep on doing it! My boy is back to his old self again: happy, smiling and confident. Thank you. We will all be forever grateful.

Liz - Practice Manager


Liz Sally

Super Power:

Getting Brian organised and doing things on time

Go-to Spotify Playlist:

This is Simon and Garfunkel

Favourite Ringbinder:

Any really

Favourite Holiday:


Hi, I’m Liz and, to be quite straight with you, if it wasn’t for me the whole place would fall apart. I deal with all the diaries, appointments, and making sure everyone knows where they are meant to be and when they’re meant to be there. Most of the time they listen.

I’ve been with HeadStrong since 2018 and I love what we do. It is such a joy for me to spend time with our clients, and talk to our school and corporate partners about the huge changes that happen when people work with HeadStrong. If you come for 1-2-1 sessions I also get to see your transformation and I love seeing people put down the old stuff they carry and start living again. It’s such a joy.

When you call or email it will probably be me you speak to first and I can’t wait to hear your story and tell you about what we do.

I live in Bishopbriggs, just outside Glasgow, with my hubbie, my two daughters, and my lovely cocker spaniel. I love to visit friends, so if I’m not in HeadStrong I’m probably on a train somewhere in the country going to visit someone.

When you are ready, I’m at the end of an email or a phone and can’t wait to prove to you that someone understands and that you can be helped. Hope to speak to you soon. 

What Do People Say?

From the first moment I called HeadStrong and spoke to Liz I just knew I was going to be OK. She was so kind and generous with her time. I'd called other therapy offices and the office staff were always a bit bored sounding. But Liz took real time to listen and even helped from the very first call by giving me advice before my sessions with Brian. I think you should give her a pay rise!

Mark - Accredited Specialist Coach


Mark Long

Super Power:

Making scared teenagers laugh and delivering elite level sarcasm

Go-to Spotify Playlist:

Bon Jovi Radio

Number of Waistcoats:


Favourite Film:

The last hour of Avengers Endgame

My name is Mark Long or “the younger guy” of HeadStrong (when compared to Brian it isn’t too difficult!).

I have worked for HeadStrong now for the last four years and I’ve loved every minute of it. I specialise in delivering mental health education in our partner schools and seeing clients of all ages from transformational one-to-one sessions (multi-talented!).

Before arriving on the hallowed steps of HeadStrong HQ, I was a drama teacher in Theatre Schools for ten years which is why working with youngsters is a great passion of mine. In the little spare time I have I direct musicals and I am a keen performer myself, having performed regularly as part of the Pantheon Theatre Company (my Kenickie was a show stealer in Grease). You may have even seen me sing at a wedding or function with my band The Brammers which consists of my two best friends.

I’ve not always been as outgoing and confident as I am now and I want to use my experience of discovering my own confidence and self belief and bring this out in pupils and youngsters so that they can go on to work in jobs that they really love. Don’t worry adults I’m more than happy to help you guys as well, the more the merrier! I want to make a difference to people of all ages, all over Scotland and I look forward to meeting you should you need a bit of help from HeadStrong.

What Do People Say?

From my very first session with Mark at HeadStrong, I could see a difference in myself, my thoughts, and my view on life. The close connection and trust that you build in just a few sessions is so special and I will be forever grateful to him and for HeadStrong as a whole; it truly was life changing.

Jason - Accredited HeadStrong Coach


Jason Grant

Super Power:

Running really fast down hills with my dog, Fergus

Go-to Spotify Playlist:

Dance Anthems 2015

Favourite Muscle to Exercise:

Quads of course (never skip leg day)

Favourite Film:

The Greatest Showman (this is him!)

My name is Jason and I’m the fitness guy here at HeadStrong. I joined HeadStrong at the end of 2019, although I have been a qualified NLP coach since 2014. It just took me a while to come out of a corporate job role and have the courage to set up on my own!

In March 2020 I had fully completed my HeadStrong training ready to start coaching clients face to face just as the pandemic hit. However this hurdle was quickly overcome as I now coach fully online for HeadStrong, meaning I can reach anyone in the world who needs my help.

I’m Dundee based, during the day I work with students at Dundee & Angus college in my well-being role, and in my spare time I coach online with HeadStrong and take my own personal training clients

My absolute favourite thing to do is work with young people, particularly those little guys that remind me of myself!  It wasn’t that long ago that I was in their shoes! 

As a skinny little guy from Blairgowrie who spent 10 years in a corporate job role selling tobacco. I have made that leap into the unknown and made the transformational change required to follow my passions. 

Are you a bit stuck? I mean a bit stuck in a career, relationship or identify that just doesn’t fit anymore? Do you sit wondering what it would be like if you just made a decision to pursue what it is that makes You happy no matter the consequences? If you are that close, then what is stopping you? 

I’ve not always been as confident as I am now but I wasn’t always in an environment that allowed me to thrive either. Fear, anxiety, what people would think, will I fail, am I actually good enough were all thoughts that tried to sabotage me along the way and as you read this you might actually be the same as me….

        …and that is “you are only one decision away from starting to live the life you truly want”.

What Do People Say?

I found the sessions with Jason extremely helpful. They really allowed me to refocus on the important things in my life and to block out the noise. I found Jason to be excellent in his approach. He explained everything really clearly and this allowed me to relax and get tons out of the sessions. I'd definitely recommend Jason to anyone needing some help in understanding their anxiety issues and developing tools to cope better.

Jamie - Firewalking Expert & Instructor


Jamie McKenzie

Super Power:

Walking on fire and bending steel with my neck

Go-to Spotify Playlist:

Glasgow Hip Hop Favourites

Favourite Beard:

Full on Bush

Favourite Film:

Jurassic Park

In 2014, in a mad moment, I said I’d help Brian out at one of his Firewalk events. It was only meant to be one…but now I’ve not missed one since. In the years since then my passion for seeing people do crazy, mental things like walk on hot coals in their bare feet, has grown and as someone who is fascinated by the mind, body, and all that it is capable of, I have now taken my expertise to the next level.

In 2017, I grabbed at the chance to become more than ‘the guy that just watches the fire’ and now I get to pass on all I have learned through years of study and experience. As a fully qualified and insured Firewalk Instructor, you may be lucky enough to see my pretty face at your firewalk event, helping you face your fears, and prove to yourself how amazing you really are. Walk of Champions is my thing. You are more than you know. I look forward to helping you talk your 6 Steps to Awesome.

Away from HeadStrong I am a fitness instructor and MMA expert and teach people how to enjoy being punched in the face by other people that enjoy being punched in the face. I have fought semi-professionally and still not over the buzz of an octagon and a fight night. I’ve got two kids and live in Drumchapel with my missus, Tracy.

What Do People Say?

WHAT A NIGHT!! I can't believe I just did what I did. AMAZING! I can't thank Jamie and the team enough for what they did tonight. The whole event was so professional and I knew I was safe all the way through, even if I was REALLY scared as well. Thank you for showing me what I am capable of. I AM A FIREWALKER and I can't wait to take my next steps in to my life. Thank you for helping me believe again.


Hannah O’Boyle 

Super Power:

Bopping about to tunes while answering emails

Go-to Spotify Playlist:

LoFi Beats 

Favourite Dessert:

Strawberry Tart

Favourite Film:

Spirited Away 

Hey, I’m Hannah and I’m the new kid on the block of Headstrong. I was brought on in 2021 and got stuck in right away.

You’ll find me behind the desk; answering emails, making cups of coffee and controlling the tunes. If you’re not speaking to Liz, then it’ll be me on the other end of the phone. See if you can guess where my accent is from, if you get it right you’d be the first!

My favourite part of working for HeadStrong is getting to see people’s transformations. Even when they are subtle, a change in posture or a lifted chin feels just as noteworthy as bigger changes. Getting to bear witness to all of these journeys truly is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Outside of HeadStrong, You’ll probably find me hovering about an oven, messing around with some new ideas for recipes. If you’re lucky you might get to taste test some of the baked goods that have made their way into the office (after they’ve gotten the Brian seal of approval, of course.)

When you arrive to the HeadStrong office, I promise I’ll welcome you in with a big beaming face. I can’t wait to see your transformation from your first appointment to your last. You’ve got the whole team on your side, so reach out and let us show you: Help is here. 

What Do People Say?

From my very first session with Mark at headStrong I could see a difference in myself, my thoughts and my view on life. The close connection and trust that you build in just a few sessions is so special and i will be forever grateful to him and for HeadStrong as a whole; it truly was life changing.

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