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Specialist Help For Teens

Helping Parents Help Their Teenagers

“The most powerless you will ever feel is not being able to help your own child. This isn’t a failing on us as parents. It just means we need the help of a professional. We take our kids to the doctor, the dentist, the physio, the hairdresser. We don’t think we can do any of these things ourselves, why do we think we can help their mental health? All they want from their Mum & Dad is for you to be their Mum & Dad. Let us do what we’re best at so that you can do what you’re best at i.e. annoying them about how much time they spend on their phone.” – Brian Costello

Panic attacks, self harm, depression, body issues, addictions, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, stress, exam pressure, peer pressure, gender issues…just some of the multitude of psychological pressures that today’s teenagers are dealing with every day.

But, you know as a parent, it’s not just the teenagers that are dealing with them is it? You carry all their fear and anxiety with you every single day – and that’s on top of your own! You worry about them when you’re at work, you worry when you’re at the gym, you worry when they’ve not phoned in the last hour, you worry when they phone too much and you begin to find your life getting smaller as you balance your daily tasks around what you can and cannot do just in case something goes wrong.  

For some families these are small things – you no longer go out for dinner, you have to choose your shopping trips carefully, you walk on egg shells in case you say or do the wrong thing a the wrong time – but for many parents the mental health of their teenager affects their life just as much as it affects their son or daughter. 

And it’s not like you’re not trying.

You’ve tried your GP aka “medication and/or CAMHS”. You’ve tried CAMHS aka never ending waiting lists, “your child does not meet the criteria for referral” and, even if you do get to see someone, you find your child does not engage with the treatment. You’ve thought about and maybe tried medication but you worry about the long term effects. You’ve tried being Good Cop aka nothing changes. You’ve tried being Bad Cop aka nothing changes. You’ve tried (almost) everything but nothing is changing. 

Now, it’s time to get the help of experts

HeadStrong have a team of Specialist Teen Coaches who can help you, and your son or daughter, deal with any and all of the dramas and emotional upheaval that comes with being a teenager.  

Our whole team understand and work with the teenage mind every day. We are not counsellors, we are not psychotherapists, we don’t do CBT (watch Brian explain exactly what we do by watching our video on the different types of therapy – click here to watch it).  

We are experts in engaging with teenagers and showing them that they are being heard, that they are being understood and they have a part to play in helping themselves. We don’t patronise or sit and judge. We help. Your teenager is the best person to tell us what’s happening inside their mind. They, and no-one else, are our teacher.

This is the real key to our success; our expert ability to engage with your teenager. We fully understand that mental health is a serious topic, however our approach of never talking about it 100% seriously means your teen will find somewhere they are not being talked down to, talked about or talked at, and someone that seems to make the whole world of mental health seem fascinating, understandable and sometimes, when the banter is good, even funny. This gives them permission to open, to be honest, to know that they are with someone who is on their side.  And this means we can discover exactly what is happening faster than anyone else you will have met.

We help your teenager see the mechanics of their problem. We show them how simple processes of the mind lead to the biggest of emotions and then, crucially, we show them how to change it. No homework (well not written down homework anyway), no long drawn out processes, and no traumatic re-telling of horrible old memories. We show them how to use their mind to help their mind.

We are ready to help you and your son or daughter with whatever is going on:

  • Self harm
  • Anxiety
  • Exam stress
  • Sexual identity issues
  • Depression
  • Food/Eating issues
  • Lack of direction and/or motivation
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Low self-esteem and/or confidence
  • Panic attacks
  • School refusal

If you are worried about your son or daughter please don’t wait to get in touch. Without intervention, these things might get better in time, but that time can be a long time and there is always the risk they will get worse before they get any better.  

Almost every teenage mental health issue can be dealt with and eradicated. We are not into managing or coping. Get in touch and we can tell you more.

Further Information and Help

For more help and information check out our YouTube channel (click here to be taken straight there). It has loads of helpful and informative videos for you and your teen.

Buy Brian’s book, Cracking The Teen Code, is an invaluable resource for any parent, carer or anyone interested in the teenage mind – purchase it from Amazon by clicking right here (or read the first few pages right now by clicking here).

Check out our course pages for Brian’s special online course ‘Breaking Through Teen Mental Health’ which runs frequently throughout the year

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