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"Every once in a while, blow your own damn mind"

Someone Cool

We inspire positive conversations around mental health

You are not broken. Let us prove it.

There are too many people in the world today whose lives have been put on hold  because their mental health has gone a bit ‘wonky’. Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you are here because someone you love and care about is one of them. Maybe you are someone that knows so many of them that you now want to learn the skills and techniques to help.  

Good news. Getting a ‘wonky’ mind ‘unwonky’ is easier than you think!

At HeadStrong, our mission is to help people rebuild their confidence and self-esteem by changing themselves from the inside out – and we promise that the simplest change starts by changing the way we think. It’s a simple fact that if you can change the way you think then you will change the way you feel and if you change the way you feel you will act and behave differently in everything you do

We are experts in changing the way people think

So, whether it’s for you, your team, someone you know, or you’re just simply browsing for something to tickle your fancy – have a look about. Be sure to check out our videos where we explain everything you need to know about HeadStrong, hypnosis, and all sorts of other exciting things you can do to change your results today and let’s ‘unwonk’ some minds!

Help for Teens

At HeadStrong, we know teenage years present some pretty serious stuff and many struggle with anxiety, stress, depression and lack of self-confidence. That’s why we are passionate about helping teens – giving them the tools to boost their self-esteem, handle stress and communicate well.

Get To Know Us

We like to get to know our clients and have them get to know us! Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence, unlock your potential, help your kids or just learn more about yourself, our team are dedicated to helping others become the best version of themselves.


Headstrong has changed my life! I was so lost no idea who I was any more and headstrong totally change my way of thinking. I struggled with a number of things but probably loss, self belief and trust where the top struggles of mine. I’m not going to say I’m amazing at any of these things now but I now manage life and I am still improving with out even needing to go. Brian has taught me the skills to keep working on me.

Life-changing for us as a family
Brian was brilliant with my daughter so friendly and welcoming – with his help she has not only got over her fear of dogs but has understood what made her afraid and how to alter her thoughts – just life changing for us as a family

Grateful For Everything
I have no words that explain how grateful I am Brian, but thank you

Family Transformation
Just a word to thank you for your help and support with my wonderful children. Funny how everything that’s going on has made it so clear that the rules were always there to be broken. It’s the outliers that will come up with the answers we need now. Once again, thanks for your help over the years.

Awesome Work
Just wanna reach out and say I'm really enjoying your sessions. Awesome work !! I just started with the company last week after 20 yrs working in Social Care (last 10 as manager). This training is so valuable and should be standard across social care, pretty impressed our company are doing this for their staff. Anyways, just wanted to say great job and thank you.


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